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2009: Multiplex FOX RC Conversion

My First RC Plane: Soar Ahead Sailplanes (SAS) Ace, 1990

I had a reasonable mental idea of how to fly, so I wanted my first plane to have 4-functions and be fairly symmetrical so that I could progress onto aerobatics; self-stabilisation was not something I wanted. The SAS Ace is a slope soarer that was recommended to me as a good beginner plane at a model show (though I forget who it was). Its key features for learning were:

I already had a ~1980 Enya 15 RC glow engine and this is more than sufficient to power this model. I fitted a 4-oz thank which is large enough to run for over 15 minutes...

There were a couple of incidents of 'pilot error' during my time flying the Ace but I still have it and it is in flyable condition; not bad for a first plane.

My Second plane: Cambrian Fun-Fighter Mustang, 1991

My second RC plane was a Cambrian Fun-Fighter Mustang. This is a low-wing sport model, again intended for hand-launch and has no undercarriage. The maximum engine recommended for this plane is a .25. I thought I knew better and fitted an S.C. 32. In retrospect, whilst this gives the plane silly performance, the extra weight is not desirable, as this plane already has a higher wing loading than the Ace I was used to and it will stall easily if air speed is not maintained.

Old PAW 1.5 Diesel Run, May 2016

I fired up an old PAW 1.5 diesel recently to show my boys: The 'kids of today' only know of electric power! Electric is great but has no soul! Long live IC and the smell of diesel and glow fuel....... :o)

Video 1: PAW 1.5 (a bit overloaded with an 8x4 prop)

Video 2: PAW 1.5 vs Ethan shouting

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